We lost our key in a waterfall and found it.

Dylan and I are huge on spontaneous trips, which is how we actually ended up in Ithaca on this particular day. We were simply bored and decided that we wanted to see some waterfalls- to Ithaca we went.

We left relatively early in the day and spent a decent amount of time walking around the town which ended with getting our favorite meal for lunch, pad Thai. Dylan and I are absolutely obsessed with pad Thai, trying every Thai restaurant we come across, I'm not at all joking.

When we finished our lunch we set out to Buttermilk Falls, only slightly paying attention to the weather that approached. We walked about 400 feet down the trail and the downpour started, and when I say downpour, I mean total downpour. Rain coming down in large drops, running off the brims of our hats, we were soaked in seconds.

We had brought along a change of clothes and left everything in the car but the car key, which was placed conveniently in my bra, so we decided to keep going, it was warm and the rain felt good. We continued to trudge along in the torrential downpour until we came across a spot where we could enter the falls.

A little opening of water and a decent size waterfall stood in front of us in the now fast moving stream. We made our way to the waterfall and managed to climb up and underneath the falls.

It. Was. Incredible.

The rain was still pouring, making the waterfall rush with tremendous amounts of water. The rushing water going over us, surrounding us with its noise and droplets. We were constantly wiping water out of our smile filled faces. We were present in that exact moment with no other thoughts, feelings, or distractions. It was just beautiful.

Once out from underneath the waterfall, where it was still down pouring, I checked to make sure the key was still in my bra, and it was not. I screamed over to Dylan, who thought I was joking, and we both started frantically searching the stream of rushing water on our hands and knees.

Neither Dylan or I can figure out how the key slipped out, I mean, sport bras are pretty tight. Then we realize- we, of course, got a little too into the moment and Dylan lifted my shirt and bra up releasing the key underneath the waterfall.

We were about to give up searching when I mentioned to Dylan about how incredible it would be if the key was still underneath the waterfall. We laughed and Dylan headed back up underneath the fall to check our last hope.

And sure enough, he came barreling out of the falls, water running down his face, key in his outstretched hand.

When the key had fallen out it somehow landed in a crack under the falls where the water couldn't wash it out. We were, and still are, in such disbelief that this key had not gone down the stream with all of the rushing water and down pouring rain.

We returned to the car, and to our surprise again, the key fob actually worked.

This memory is something we will always cherish. The waterfalls, the rain, the love, and the lost and found key.

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© Madison Plyler and Dylan Vaughn, 2018. 

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