We all make mistakes, its how you handle it that matters

When Dylan and I decided on our adventure we knew we'd be making a ton of mistakes along the way, but we never thought the first mistake would happen while parked in my mom's driveway.

Because Bernie (our RV) is sitting in a driveway until we're ready to leave, we go out roughly every other day to start her up and let her run. Just a few days ago we wanted to move her just a little bit and straighten out the tires as we hadn't moved it since we parked it in the driveway about a week before. Bernie was backed in in front of the garage so she was out of the way and so that we could plug in for power.

As Dylan pulled away from the garage, stopping in the middle of the driveway, he looked in the review mirror and realized something kind of important. We had not raveled up our power cord.

We shoved it back into the compartment without really thinking too much about it besides just feeling incredibly stupid. We were super thankful that we had unplugged it so we didn't create incredible damage to the power system in both the RV and the garage.

When we arrived back to the RV the following day, we went to start our furnace for some heat on the cold 35 degree day, but couldn't get the furnace to start. We thought our furnace was total propane, but after 45 minutes of trying we came to the conclusion that Bernie needed an electrical outlet to start the furnace.

We went around back to plug her in to the garage when we noticed how mangled our power cord was. When we pulled away the day before with our unraveled power cord it had to escape the garage door, in the process of doing so, the prongs on our cord and on the adapter became terribly bent.

Thankfully we already needed to replace the head of the power cord due to torn rubber and the duct tape that held it together.

We took this time to reflect our how we handle our mistakes in our relationship and how we want to handle them on our adventure.

In the excitement of moving the RV, Dylan went for it while I was in my mom's house wrapping up the dessert we were bringing to Dylan's family Thanksgiving. He drove away without checking the cord, I could've easily done the same thing.

When we noticed the mangled prongs on the cord I never looked at him with frustration because it could've easily been me doing the same thing. We're going to make so many mistakes in our life its best not to place blame on the other person. Dylan and I try to be the most understanding we can be with each other and that means understanding how easy it is to make mistakes.

We both like to own up to the mistakes we make but we never make the other one feel guilty for making mistakes, because you know what? Mistakes are so easy to make and seriously happen all the time. No one's perfect nor do we ask that of each other.

We will continue to make a plethora of mistakes, I'm grateful we made this one in my mom's driveway.

Photo of Dylan before we realized the mangled mess

RV drawing attempt 3 _edited.png
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