The importance of planning, in relationships and life.

Planning is the main part of any trip, relationship, growth process, and frankly, life in general. While we know it can be super bland and boring to have everything in life planned out, planning definitely make some parts of life go so much smoother.

Dylan and I have only been on the road for 11 days at this point and we have basically planned nothing. It's been super stressful when we're both tired and a little grumpy (okay, I'm mainly the grumpy one, but you get the point) and we don't even know where we are staying the night.

Planning in different aspects of life has its pros and cons, and trust me, I'm not saying your each and every move needs to be planned out, but it's super helpful to have some idea of what you're doing and when you're doing it.

While Dylan and I tend to be somewhat spontaneous people, our communication and mood can change drastically when we have a plan in place compared to when we're full on just winging it.

Coming up with a plan before you leave the house (or RV in our case) can help your day run more smoothly. It's helpful when you know where you're going, how you're getting there, what time you're supposed to be there, and what you need to do on the way. You obviously don't need to cover all these points every time you step foot outside of your house, c'mon let's be real here, life wouldn't be very fun if you planned every single minute of it.

When you have a plan in place it's so much easier to enjoy yourself because you're not stuck thinking about or talking about what comes next. Dylan and I can get stuck in ruts of 'I don't know's and 'what do you think's. We avoid these pointless conversations by trying to plan our steps before we set out on whatever adventure we decide to have that day.

Planning can most definitely be stressful, especially when you're tired, trust me. I like to plan before our adventure starts because it helps my mood a substantial amount. By the time we're ready to go I can enjoy myself knowing all the hard and stressful stuff is out of the way.

Big life events can be just as important as small life tasks. Planning where we want our relationship to go helps us, just as writing down our grocery list while we're at home does. We talk about everything and plan our moves together so that we're always on the same page and no know is left behind.

Knowing that we've communicated our plans to each other takes guessing and assumptions out of it, which, let's be real, are killers in mood and relationships. Even if we work on our plans separately we always come back and regroup everything together before making a final decision.

It's super important when planning with someone else that you take their word as an equal to yours. It's no fun trying to plan with someone who thinks that they're always right or hates on your ideas. Someone might know more about a certain subject but that's no reason to shut down anyone else's ideas, we all have something to offer.

Be sure to communicate everything that comes to mind, there's no point in holding back what you're feeling, it just makes for contentiousness later. Speak your feelings or don't be upset that the other person didn't magically read your mind.

Planning can make a big difference in everyday life. Take a couple minutes, hours, or days to make your life and relationships run smoother.

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