The Best Thai Food in All of Upstate NY

The first time I ever had Thai food was back in May of 2018 and I didn't know how much I was missing out on.

Dylan took me to a restaurant called Basil Thai, a small restaurant ran by a husband and wife couple, Pong and Nit Siripornsawan, in Phoenix, New York. I took Dylan's ordering suggestion, since I had never had Thai food before, and went with the pad Thai but with tofu instead of chicken.

Pad Thai with Tofu and Veggies from Basil Thai

After sitting down I think it took our food a total of five minutes to get to our table, a record time in my mind.

I took my first bite and I was hooked. And I mean seriously hooked. Like actually addicted. Dylan and I both crave the taste of pad Thai from Basil Thai so much that we go often to have the Nit remember our order every time. As soon as we walk in we hear her familiar voice asking if we want the same thing- of course we do.

Our usual meal of two types of pad Thai, plus some surprise egg rolls!

Dylan and I thought we were the only ones who went often enough to have Nit remember our order but turns out that we aren't the only Basil Thai lovers who get the same thing every time. We once ran into a couple who was also greeted by the same familiar voice asking them if they wanted the same thing!

After becoming addicted to pad Thai we search for Thai restaurants on every trip we take, needless to say, nothing has even come close to comparing to the pad Thai from Basil Thai. Pong gets all the favors right every time!

Dylan and I head out on our RV trip in a few days but we made sure to stop in and see the Siripornsawan's before we left, we had to get one last meal in. Basil Thai is one place Dylan and I will definitely miss while we're away

The Siripornsawan's in their restaurant, Basil Thai

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© Madison Plyler and Dylan Vaughn, 2018. 

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