Staying in touch with family on the road

Staying in touch with family is one of the challenges of being on the road. Relationships are much different when it's not face to face. Thankfully we have the whole world at the touch of our fingertips and amazing technology to make staying in touch easier for everybody.

My two sleepy buddies. We woke them up too early for this pic before we took off on the 1st on January.

Social Media

Of course our family is interested in what we're doing and where we are. We want to keep them up to date in the easiest way possible. We use Facebook and Instagram to keep everyone involved and we try to post pictures daily so everyone can see what we're up to.

We use both Instagram and Facebook because some family has only Instagram, some family has only Facebook, and some have both. It's so easy to use both, we just linked our accounts so when we post on one it automatically posts on the other!

Find Friends

Dylan and I both have iPhones so we have access to an app called Find Friends. This app allows us to share our location with members in our family who also have an iPhone. We do this with my mom, my dad, Dylan's dad, and Dylan's sister- we even share locations with each other.

This gives piece of mind to family, and frankly, to ourselves as well. We never know what we could encounter while traveling so it's good to know that there's always somebody who knows where we are.

Phone Calls

The most obvious thing we do to stay in touch with family is call them! It's so important to just chat about the weather or what you did that day, you don't have to call only when crazy things happen, the little things are just as important.


This is the ultimate staying in touch technology. We love FaceTime. Dylan's niece is one and a half and it's so great that we don't have to miss all the fun things that she's learning and saying. It's definitely not the same as seeing this cutie in person, but it's as close as we can get.

Before we left for full-time travel we spent a lot of time with family for dinners, lunches, brunches, you name it. Without being able to swing by someone's house it definitely makes us miss them more, but it's nice to be able to see their faces and chat at the same time.


I know there's so much controversy about texting itself but, let me tell you, it's so easy to send a quick text message on a busy day just to keep family informed with what's up. Plus, who doesn't love to get a message with a photo of your family?

Visit Them!

One thing we have been so fortunate with is the fact that we have family along the way of our travels. We've planned part of our trips just to visit family. They're important to us, and we love them, it's a win-win when we get to stop and see them!

We just spent 4 nights with my grandparents, and although it was unfortunate circumstances, our RV broke down in their RV park, we were so grateful to able to spend so much time with them!

Family is so important in life, they're our supporters and our guidance. They cheer for us and lookout for us. We are so grateful to be supported by the wonderful people we call family.

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