How to replace your RV shore power plug

Replacing your RV shore power plug may seem intimidating at first, but we promise that it's really not that bad. Follow our easy instructions and you'll be replacing your plug in no time!

1. Buy your correct plug

Make sure you get the correct plug for your RV. We used a brand called Camco that we found right on Amazon for $11.98. We have a 30 amp RV so we got a 30 amp plug, if you have a 50 amp RV be sure to get the 50 amp version.

2. Remove the rubber coating around the wires

Use a utility knife to cut vertically from the head down about 2 inches- be careful not to cut the wires inside.

Then cut horizontally around the width of the rubber- this makes it easy to peel the rubber off.

3. Remove the old plug

Use wire cutters to snip off the head of the old plug.

4. Remove the coating around the wires.

1/2 an inch down on each wire cut horizontally and try to slide off the colored coating. If you can't slide off the coating cut very carefully vertically so that the coating may be peeled off.

If you cut the wire, cut lower and start over. Do you proceed to work on a wire that has been cut.

Read the instructions that came with your Camco plug to see how long the lengths of your wires should be.

5. Unscrew your Camco Plug

Use a screw driver to take apart your plug. After it's unscrewed you can pop out the prongs.

6. Attach the wires to the prongs

Feed the wire through the clasp and use a screw driver to tighten the wire in.

7. Put the prongs back

Put the prongs back into their correct slots. You may need to use some pressure- ours were super tough to press back in. Follow your directions to make sure you're putting your prongs back in the correct spot.

8. Screw the plug back together

Using a screwdriver, put the plug back together. Make sure are the pieces are screwed tightly back together.

9. Plug it in!

Now that your plug is all set you can go ahead and plug your RV into the correct power source. It's recommended that you turn all energy drawing sources in your RV to the off position before plugging it in.

RV drawing attempt 3 _edited.png
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