Freedam Tour: the idea

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Traveling the US for a year, no plan set in stone, living in a RV. Sounds kind of insane right? The Freedam Tour is an idea we thought up in an attempt to live our best, most fulfilling, and simplest lives. Here's how it all came about.

We constantly crave adventure, spontaneity, and being together. When Dylan and I first met we couldn't get enough of each other. Guys, I mean, we were together 24/7. We were both in a position where we had flexible schedules and were able to be together as much as we wanted. We had this crazy idea to open up a bagel shop in my hometown of Oswego, NY. Who doesn't need some carbs and some love in their life, right?

As you may have guessed, we decided against the bagel shop, something about the early mornings and the constant grind just didn't sound very appealing to us. We had taken quite a few random and spontaneous travel trips early in our relationship and loved every second of it so we decided what's a better way to spend the next year of our lives than traveling all over? Yeah, we couldn't think of a better way either.

We call it the Freedam Tour because 1) its a tour of freedom and 2) Dylan and Maddy abbreviates very nicely to "dam". So, the name was created and the idea was born.

We're currently working on finding an RV that suits us while also building up our doTERRA business to ensure that we have a steady stream of income coming in while we're on the road. Dylan just signed a lease to rent out his house while we're gone which was definitely one of our bigger situations to figure out so we're super pumped about that!

Getting rid of stuff is our next huge project. Combining two homes into one RV means we're going to have a lot of things we don't need but unfortunately still possess. From couches, to TVs, to kitchenware, even shoes and clothes. You'll probably see a yard sale sometime in our near future.

Our ultimate goal is to have everything set and ready to go by November 22nd, Thanksgiving. We want to leave this year and definitely need to get out of NY before the rough winter hits. A New York winter in an RV is NOT on my bucket list.

We are going to be sharing our journey and steps along the way and hope you'll keep up with us. Be sure to give us a follow on Instagram and subscribe to our email list to get new blog posts sent directly to your email.

Happy Living!


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