Essential Oils & Traveling

Okay- we all know how traveling can make you groggy, grumpy, tired, and sick right? While traveling is exciting, we know we aren't the only ones who get a bit of the travel funk. When we discovered that essential oils could help get make our travels better we were thrilled. Here's some of our favorite travel oils and oil blends and how they can help your travel funk!

We use doTERRA essential oils for purity. All advice is doTERRA specific.


Being anxious is a well known travel symptom- especially when it comes to flying. Lavender produces a calming effect to ease your mind and body, which can also help with sleeping! Apply this oil to your wrists, behind your ears, and directly to your Flight Fillow or travel pillow.


If you get motion sickness this one is for you! Peppermint reduces nausea which is super helpful when traveling. This oil can also aid in digestion- definitely a must if you enjoy eating out at some maybe not-so-healthy restaurants. For nausea reduction apply to back of neck, on your forehead in a rainbow shape, and inhale. For digestion help take one to two drops internally by mixing in your water or apply directly to the skin on your stomach. Peppermint can also be used as a breath freshener- take one drop directly in your mouth!


This blend is a lifesaver! DoTERRA's OnGuard blend boosts immune support so you have less chance of catching that nasty travel cold, you know, the one you get from lack of sleep, eating unhealthy food, and traveling in a vehicle or plane crammed with dozens of other passengers. OnGuard can be taken internally under the tongue or in beadlet form. For topical use apply to bottoms of feet.

Citrus Oils

The citrus oils best for traveling include lemon, wild orange, and tangerine. While all citrus oils have great effects, these are our favorites to bring on our travels! Lemon boosts your mood to keep you positive, a must during delays. Wild orange is a known stress reducer, helping you stay relaxed during even the most stressful times. Tangerine helps with increased happiness, who doesn't need a little of that every once in a while? Apply these oils to wrists and behind ears- be sure to stay clear of the sun as citrus oils are photosensitive!

We hope that the use of essential oils in your travels allows you to fully enjoy your travel experiences- bringing out more excitement and happiness, as traveling should!

Dylan & Maddy

DoTERRA Essential Oils

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