How to Oil Up

Okay ya'll. You're ready to order your doTERRA oils- you'll become a full time user too.

Click the link below and follow these simple instructions.

Different Ways to Order

doTERRA has a few different options when it comes to purchasing your oils.

Buy Retail

If you are just interested in purchasing a few oils and don't see yourself returning for more- then retail is the way to go. You pay the full retail price with no freebies or points, simple and easy!

Directions for Ordering:

Click on our Order Now link

Select "Shop" in the top bar

Chose your products and check out

Buy Wholesale

There's really two ways to hop on board as a wholesale customer.

Pay a membership fee

This is similar to Costco, BJ's, and Sams Club. You pay a $35 fee and pick your products. You can annually renew for $25.

Purchase a Kit

You can get your wholesale membership for free if you decide to join with the purchase of a Starter Kit. This is a great option if you haven't used oils before- as you can buy kits with everything necessary to start!

Directions for Ordering:

Click on our Order Now link

Select "Become a Member" in the top bar

Select "Wholesale Customer"

Fill out the information when prompted

Become a Wellness Advocate

If you're into oils as much as we are, becoming a Wellness Advocate might be your best option. You receive special offers and have the chance to make some extra cash.

You can become a Wellness Advocate by either paying a fee or purchasing a kit- just like a wholesale customer.

If you think this is your kinda option contact us, as there's a lot of information that may be overwhelming. We'll be more than happy to get you started.

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