Hello, We are the Freedam Tour

Hey all, we're Dylan and Maddy, the couple that makes up the Freedam Tour. We met in the deep, dark, damp basement of a nuclear power station and have been in love ever since. 

The Freedam Tour is basically a nickname we've given our life. We came up with our fun name by combining freedom and Dylan and Maddy, which abbreviates to dam. Pretty clever, huh?

We needed a way to incorporate all we do under one name and place- so here we are! Here's some things we offer:

  • Photography- Before the Freedam Tour, Maddy owned her own photography studio specializing in wedding, event, and business photography. Both Dylan and Maddy still love to utilize their photography skills in destination weddings, portrait sessions, and more!

  • Guest blogging and article writing- Writing is a huge part of what we do as adventurers, we love documenting everything we do and hope other people love to read about our crazy lives.

If we're not inside chowing down on a quesadilla you'll find us tucked away under a waterfall, watching a sunset, or scarfing down an ice cream cone for the umpteenth day in a row. 

We're currently traveling the US while living in an RV. Be sure to follow along, enjoy!


Red Sox enthusiast, spontaneous traveler, Italian foodie

Bernadette (Bernie) the RV

24' 1990 Holiday Rambler, enjoys mildly warm weather, favorite color is blue


Photographer, waterfall chaser, avid animal lover

RV drawing attempt 3 _edited.png
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© Madison Plyler and Dylan Vaughn, 2018. 

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