the freedam tour

adventuring, laughing, and loving

Hey there!

We're Dylan and Maddy

We're full time travelers, RVers, and most importantly, lifers.

We started our road life in December 2018 after spending our summer together with both our schedules relatively free. We decided that we loved living life together and wanted to see more of the world. 

Now we're traveling the US adventuring, laughing, and loving the whole way. 

We're the DAM team- Dylan and Maddy, get it?

We travel all around the US in our RV, a 24 foot, 1990 Holiday Rambler named Bernie. Bernie is full of character and we couldn't travel like we do without her.

Together we're photographers, bloggers, and pad Thai eaters. We love mountains, waterfalls, parks, and being ocean side. 

Our ultimate goal is to live life together and being happy while living it. The RV lifestyle has brought both these things to us!

We live life. We're in a relationship. We have family. We spend money. We learn a lot

We love to share our life experiences which is why our blog features our mistakes, our life advice (don't take it too seriously), and our travels. 

Got the Travel Bug?

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© Madison Plyler and Dylan Vaughn, 2018. 

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